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Seasonal Bride

At Orchids Corner we have travelled all over the UK to help our brides create the wedding of their dreams .
You don't need to look for either a wedding florist or a freelance florist working from home, or even a wedding venue with their own florist,
we will travel to your chosen wedding venue.

Spring Bride

This March Bride loves  Blue Delphinium flowers .

She loves the beautiful seasonal spring feeling with its lovely flower scent.

She wanted her wedding theme to look natural with the right flowers in its own season.

The wedding colour theme  was Blue , creams with ivory with a hint of foliage.

This bride also mixed fresh flowers with silk flowers which work really well.


This April Bride just loves colour , bright colours and the lovely smells of the seasonal flowers , and wanted ferns and foliage , simple yet very elegant.


The Theme for this wedding was Spring, Rustic, and Natural , the wedding venue was in a rural setting in the middle of nowhere and the views were miles and miles of beautiful countryside.
In the same grounds stood a pretty little church , where she would be getting married in .
The venue was lovely and it only needed a splash of colour .



She loves the beautiful seasonal April bride knew what she wanted right from the start

Her wedding theme was Purples , lilac , Ivory , with a hit of pink , foliage first and then add the flowers .
To give it the natural , simple and freedom look. The bride gave me a list of flowers and foliage's which all had personal sentimental reasons to her and her groom. That is what we created and she received, a very personal heartfelt wedding flowers .
The scent was just stunning

This Bride has a different story to tell

The May bride decided she wanted silk flowers and she placed her order with another company and when they arrived she felt they needed some ribbon to finish them off. All I needed to do was place ribbon on the stems and make them look suitable for her wedding day.
Her flower bouquets was shades of pink (Not her colour at all and she did not really like them)
It turns out that This Bride just loves the bright colours of spring . Her favourite flowers are Daffodils and the meaning of the yellow daffodils
The sun is always shining when I'm with you (Which the bride says that is so true regarding her groom) After a couple of visits and chats the bride and groom decided to change their wedding flowers and put her other flowers online to sell . Then the bride and groom started to love their wedding flowers, being personal and meaningful to them . The hand ties for their bridesmaids was different sizes which suited the adults and children.
They even had flowers for their hair and everyone could keep their flowers . The bride will keep her bouquet in a place for everyone to see.
The mum's corsage had a small diamante heart as it had its own meaning.
The flowers looked so realistic even the neighbour commented, will your flowers last (She thought they were fresh flowers)
This bride was so happy that she changed her wedding flowers instead of having something she would have regretted

The Gatsby Wedding Theme, with a twist.

The Bride explained that she would be getting married  in a marquee in the back of her garden  located in Worcestershire. May Bride she liked silk flowers and her table displays , she will place them in her home afterwards. But it is a must for her wedding bouquet to be in fresh flowers. The Bride and Groom wanted the table displays to look bang on the era  1930 , with tall , slim , with large feathers , pearls draping down , silk realistic flowers , bling ,something eye catching and because the arrangements will be placed in their home afterwards we needed different looks . Not 8 all the same. The wedding colours Ivory , soft peach , golds with hint of black. 4 Adult bridesmaids which they all wore a single silk peony flower with feathers, wrist corsage on a pearl bracelet. Button holes for the men were a single silk rose flower .

The twist was after 7pm the bride and groom with their wedding guests will start celebrating the Grooms 50 Birthday. A themed fancy dress birthday party.

The English Vintage Country Garden, Rustic, with the natural Wedding Theme. 

This May Bride loves going out for afternoon tea and a slice of cake. She loves the beautiful English country garden with its divine flower smells.

She wanted the look as you have picked the flowers from her garden and placed them in no order.

Their wedding Venue located in Shropshire was set in the country side and because their venue was plain this meant

it could be dressed up as much or how little  as you wanted. The colour theme Silver with shades of purples, dusky pinks to shades of pinks with white. This bride wanted her flowers in fresh and wanted the scents too .

Summer Bride

This Bride explained that she would be getting married in Wales.

June bride and her requirements were as follows : 

The wedding is taking place at the wedding Venue with beautiful setting. 

Her  wedding theme she is looking for is the natural, elegant and classy look.

Wedding colours  are  lavenders, slivers, ivory with a hint of purple.

The bride also loves gyp, bows, ribbons with trails, birds, butterflies, Bling and asked if we could some how, include some sparkle.

Also the bride was looking for a different look on the evening from the day time , that is when lights were included too.

Having 6 bridesmaids all of different ages and sizes , their flowers needs to be simple and the right size for the girls ages.

They also needed flowers for their hair , nothing too heavy, children friendly .

Needing button holes for the men and corsages for the ladies nothing too big or heavy  , as well as a few little button holes for the young boys .

At the wedding venue The walk to where the wedding ceremony will take place being outside , needed to dressed up by using flowers and bows .

July Bride who wanted her wedding bouquet a little different.

This bride explained that her wedding theme is all about natural, textures, shapes, smells and vibrate colours.

Each side when you looked at her wedding bouquet was a different look and the scent from her flowers was delicate but divine .

What this bride was looking for is that every time she would smell the flowers that was in her wedding bouquet, it will always remind her of her wedding day 

July Bride who explained she wanted her wedding Theme woodland.


The Wedding colours were mainly green foliages , soft blues, soft pinks, creams and ivory, with small headed flowers . 

The Church they got married in was in the village and their wedding venue was a venue located in the woods.

The bride did not want anything set in place she wanted to see movement and the light feather feel as you would in the woods .

 The August Bride explained that she wanted her wedding theme to be natural and woodland feel.


Nothing set , she loves fern types of foliage, gyp and this bride is a rose lover.

The wedding colours Ivory's, greens, with a hint of soft pale pink

She wanted the elegant, classy wedding look .



Autumn Bride

 The September Bride explained that she wanted her wedding theme to be flower power, natural ,nothing set and colourful.


She would be getting married in her local church and then having her reception in her garden.

Fresh flowers are no good for this bride as she is not really a flower type of lady.

Yet she loves realistic silk flowers as they need no looking after .and they are robust. 

Which means whatever the weather these flowers will stay looking stunning all day.

This bride decided because of her bridesmaids are all adults  she choose  silk flower circlets , which the ladies can keep afterwards.

All  the bridesmaids dresses were floral which means if they had flower bouquets to hold as well their flowers would not stand out from their dresses .

The head dresses need to be slim , not too heavy and is suitable for the more mature ladies to wear.

This really was a bright and colourful wedding on a grey day as it just kept on raining.  



 This Bride was getting married in late October .


The wedding Theme that this bride was looking for was Natural, Woodlands, and a Pretty wedding, like all brides she was looking for an elegant and classy look.
She wanted to use Seasonal Flowers yet she loves the colours that you have from Summer time.
Shades of Pinks, Blues, Creams, Purples, and whites.
This bride Needed light button holes for the men and corsages for the ladies nothing too big or heavy .
Everything needed to be spot on and correct with size, balance, and down to the last detail.
This bride knows what she wants and the end result was stunning.
This bride was getting married at the venue so her ceremony and then her reception in the room next door.
The wedding took place at a local country Golf Club, with beautiful countryside views.