All about Orchids Corner Florist

Cally is one of the leading florists of her generation with a unique and open minded attitude with an easy going approach to her floral work and customers. 

Cally's reputation has been built on exciting new challenges that her customers has given her to create over her 25 + years. Trained at Pershore College of Horticulture straight from leaving school, gained her City and Guilds level 3 qualifications in floristry. This course was very intense and demanding. Cally hated every day of her college days because it stretched her to her limits and beyond. Her floristry work would always be awarded with distinction , passing with flying colours. It is only now that she realises that she stands out from the rest and it was all worth it in the end. To complete her floristry training Cally has worked at Cooks Florist in Stourport on Severn, Marge James in Mill Street Kidderminster Special Occasions in Droitwich. Cally who is very passionate in all aspects of her floristry work, She just loves to create something stunning and amazing out of nothing.

Cally has an eye for detail , loves working with colours, complemented with different types of flowers and takes great pride in her work .

That is also why she don't believe in online flower shops where it is a production online service, nothing personal or creative about shopping on the internet for flowers. Cally is a creative florist with flair. She gets her inspiration energies from her customers who she creates personal heartfelt designs for. 

Cally is what you would know as a peoples person, if you ever get the pleasure in talking to Cally you will feel her passion for her love of floristry, flowers and her customers.

This is a truly amazing talent, that you just either very rarely or don't see any more now a days in the world of floristry.

Cally is always learning, she has trained in the introduction to APA course (Applied Psychometric Awareness).

Trained and passed as Luxury wedding planner. Trained and passed as luxury organiser in trends for your special occasions .

 About Us:

The Carter family Founder of Orchids Corner Florist in 1993 , Is the First & Only Independent florist and florist shop in the village of Cookley and proud of it.
Being an independent business means that they are free of any control from higher ups .

Which means you receive:
1) Reasonable & Fair Prices
2)Outstanding Workmanship & receive the Highest of Standards .
3)High Quality of Flowers
4) Fast & Personal Service
5)Customer Satisfaction

What Makes This Florist Different:

Independent, Local, Friendly, Flexible, Family Florists. This Bespoke unique florists who solves problems and not create them. This is truly a breath of fresh air. The team at Orchids Corner are a different type of florist.

Unlike other florists in the area .
1) You are not limited to pictures to buy from .
2) Are not a production line florist .
They really do create & have the flower knowledge .
3) Every flower arrangement is unique to your occasion, request & Budget .
4)Trained at the number 1 Top college for floristry .
5) No Two arrangements/Bouquets are ever the same.
6)Trained as Luxury Wedding Planners and Wedding Organisers with the correct Etiquette .
7)Trained as Trends planners and organisers for your special Occasions.

Why Shop With Us:

Orchids Corner have been creating Bespoke show
stoppers and Wow factor statements with their flower arrangement displays all over the UK .
Over the last three decades , they have decorated and created some of the most stunning eye
catching Events , been on T.V show Don't Tell The Bride,
Been the personal florist for the local radio station ,
designed Bespoke corporate flowers,
delivered into the leading Worcestershire hotels ,
businesses and private homes every week .
Their creations are inspiring that is why it is a guaranteed to please you every time .
Having their florist shop sitting on top of the Cookley's canal tunnel is something that is some what unique .
This village florist shop is one of its kind .

History Of Orchids Corner:

This is a family run and owned independent retail florist business. Orchids Corner Florist had once been just a college project inside a folder
sitting on the shelf and after the ups and downs of recession.
Cally their daughter could not find any jobs in floristry, it came to an head in 1993 When this family turned the paper project into reality.
The rest is history.
Their family business was started from scratch.
This family have been supplying flower displays for special occasions and a personal service to the local people of Worcestershire and travelling over the UK since 1993.