Caring For Your Cut Flowers

1) Find yourself a clean vase .
( Not a dirty one , must be clean )
Clean your vases with hot water Not boiling and with a drop of bleach .
You can use steradent which you leave soaking over night .

2) Fill your vase with tepid water and with the flower food . (Read your instructions ).

3) You should always remove any packaging so it will not touch the water .

4) Remove any lower foliage / leaves so they do not sit in the water .

5) Cut off the bottom of your stems at an angle and it only needs to be a bit you cut off .

6) Place your flowers into your flower vase .

7) You should always check your flowers and water every other day .

Because you have your flower food in your water you just need to top up cold water only .

8) Once your water changes its colour , and before it starts to smell . You need to change the water with fresh clean cold water again . You will not need any more flower food .

9) Always re trim your flowers before putting them back into your flower vase .

10) Anything that is dead needs to be removed .

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