Hello and welcome to our first blog from the ladies at orchids Corner

Have you heard of our company ? 

Do you know who we are and what we do ?
What services we provide for you ?

Hope you are having a good week so far.

You will notice that this is not the normal run of the mill blog, but then what can we say.

We are not your run of the mill Luxury Wedding Planners or bespoke florists either

Happy Reading!

Orchids Corner  is a little  village florist  shop which has a range of  flowers , pot plants , Gifts , Cards , gardening items , mini DIY and   is located in the heart of the village  of Cookley .

Up the main street .

We  have been around for  the last 26 years .

Don't time fly when you are having fun .

We are a Mother ( Angie ) and Daughter ( Cally ) the main team .

Other family members make up the bigger  team when we need them .

They are on stand by , and ready for action .

We love to create  in flowers or with plants  for  whatever your occasion  

Birthdays , Weddings , Funerals , family Parties . 

Enjoy organising , making sure everything runs smoothly  and arrives on time .

Very passionate in everything we do including talking to our customers  .

We are fully trained as Florists as well as Luxury wedding planners .


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