Valentines Day Gifts & Flowers Gallery for 2019

Welcome to our Valentines Day Gifts and Flowers Gallery

Here you will see pictures of what ideas we can offer you to make your valentines Day special .
Because we are the creative florists we can design your own personal gift that is right for you .
Not all ladies likes Red or Roses that is why we offer you to choose what flower / flowers and colour your love one prefers .
Fresh flowers and Rose Prices will vary upon what the EU growers has on offer to us UK florists .
Valentines Day falls on Thursday this year  .

Single Red Rose 

Red Rose 60cm Tall Large head With glass vase / foliage /Heart Pick / Gifted wrapped £23.99 

Single Red Rose 

Red Rose 6ocm Tall large head /with Black vase / foliage / Heart pick / Gifted wrapped  £25.99

Single Red Rose 

 Red Rose 50cm tall Medium head / with square glass vase / foliage/  Heart shape pick / Gifted wrapped £19.99  

Gifted wrapped 

All your single rose will be gifted wrapped like this picture .

6 Red Roses Bouquet 

60cm tall Red Roses / large heads /With scent /Gyp /  with bow £39.99

Large headed 90cm Tall Red Roses (3 Foot ) 

6 x Red Roses / Gyp Bouquet £45.99

12 x Red Roses / Gyp Bouquet £89.00

12 Red Roses 

40cm tall / Gyp Bouquet £33.00

12  Red Roses Large heads 

50cm tall / gyp Bouquet £46.00

60cm tall / gyp Bouquet £50.00

Valentine Flowering House Plant 

Plant ( Miniature Red Anthurium )/ Balloon / Gift wrapped £25.00

Miniature Red Anthurium Diamond 

25cm Height / 7cm pot size / in Ceramic red heart shape pot /

Flowers & Leaves grow in heart shape . 

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